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Over recent months there has been an increase in incidents of drivers cutting across the water fountain roundabout when leaving the Park. This is in clear violation of the traffic regulations on the Park and creates a serious danger for pedestrians and other drivers.

Speed limits on the Park are also being flaunted and both issues are being closely monitored by the Board who are seriously concerned that an incident will occur that could be avoided, particularly during the peak school holidays when there is more activity taking place.

Both of these issues were discussed at the recent AGM and the Board is currently assessing ways in which those drivers who perpetrate these dangerous practices can be identified however in the meantime we ask that all residents report any incident they witness to either the Estate Office or to Security.

Road safety, together with all other aspects of living on the Park,  is dependent upon all residents behaving in a responsible manner, observing the regulations in place and acting in a community spirit towards their fellow residents.

We therefore request that all residents, their visitors (including contractors and courier drivers) observe the small number of traffic regulations that are in force on the Park.

We will only eradicate this danger with your support.

 The Board