Latest News

The survey we launched a week ago has received nearly 60 responses so far.  If you have responded - many thanks.  If you have received an email and have yet to respond please take a couple of minutes to complete the survey.  If you have not received a mail and wish to take part simple ask the office for the link.

The survey has produced some interesting results - which we will be publishing in due course.  This will really help the Board and Management to help manage the estate to the satisfaction of owners and residents. There have been some excellent suggestions for simple enhancements to this website - which we will seek to introduce as soon as possible.  Specifically, many people have suggested regular email updates and these too will be introduced going forward.

Overall, 98% of respondents so far have indicated a willingness to answer future surveys and only 4% think that such surveys do not represent value for money.  With this in mind we will be using this system for further surveys from now on.