Latest News

This is the first official news posted on the new VP website.   Please bear in mind that some parts of the site are restricted to owners and/or tenants.  The general site will be visible to the general public.

In order to see all parts of the site relevant to you, please fill in the registration form on the home page. Your registration will be checked against our records before it it authorised so there may be a short delay.

We sincerely hope that this initiative will be a significant boost to the estate - both in terms of communication and enhancing awareness.

One final point - this site will mainly be administered by volunteers - so please forgive us for any slight delays - which we will seek to keep to a minimum.  Once the site is properly up and running the day to day administration will be carried out by the VP office.  All reporting issues - maintenance etc. on the REPORTING page will be dealt with by the office. There will be some areas which are technically more complex and they will still be handled by us.


Malcolm Calthorpe