About Virginia Park

Builders Octagon started building in 1994 and the development, including its prestigious homes and apartments was completed in 2000. A new management company – Virginia Park Management Limited - was formed to take over the freehold and day-to-day control of the Estate. This gave the great advantage of allowing the owners to have a say in the management and activities.

The Estate features 24 hour security, tennis courts, children's playground, a NEW state of the art gymnasium with AV facilities, a spa, sauna and the only Grade 1 Listed swimming pool in the UK!




Grounds and Gardens

In the mid-1870s, several years into the planning process for his “hospital for the insane of the middle class,” Thomas Holloway praised his chief architect W.H. Crossland’s designs for the building’s grounds, citing specifically the “magnificent terrace, running the whole length of the Building...handsome flights of steps...and magnificent Entrance Gates.” Holloway’s goal was for the parkland surrounding his grand sanatorium to resemble that of Crystal Palace Park in London (opened in 1856), the most splendid of all public parks at the time. And he was willing to spend the money to ensure that it did.

Holloway engaged John Gibson, then Superintendent of Hyde Park, St. James’s Park and Kensington Gardens, to transform arid, unremarkable heath land into a stunning, world-class setting for the new sanatorium which would bear his name. Gibson’s plan involved considerable earthworks and extensive planting. Under his supervision, terraces were created and banks were raised and planted with the finest trees, shrubs and flowers.  The land where the hospital would stand was distant from “offensive manufactures,” and neither surrounded nor intersected by public roads or footpaths. It was fast becoming a haven of peaceful solitude and remarkable beauty.

In the years leading up to and immediately following the opening of the Holloway Sanatorium in 1885, great terraces were laid out on the “cheerful” south side of the main building; a well was sunk to provide water for irrigation; a head gardener was employed; a cricket pitch was completed; and various gardens were planted, including a large kitchen garden (which would later produce an average annual net income of £500!).

Today Virginia Park, the site of Thomas Holloway’s great Victorian sanatorium and pleasure grounds, is ideally placed for convenience to London and its two major airports, by excellent rail service and good roads. Far from being “remote” as it was in the nineteenth century, it is highly prized for its convenience and proximity to all that the greater London area has to offer, while also offering the peace of mind of 24-hour manned security. Virginia Park Management Company takes pride in maintaining the grounds to a high standard, ensuring residents a tranquil, safe and beautiful environment of which we think its founder would approve.

The Board and Management

The Virginia Park Management Company Limited (VPMC) is a company set up to own and manage the common parts of the Estate and also to manage the maintenance of the flats and the exterior of Crossland House. Essentially each of the 212 shares in VPMC is held by the owner(s) of one of the 212 homes on the Estate and shareholders are eligible to vote on company matters and to stand for election to the Board of the Company. The Board consists of volunteers. Under the control of shareholders and subject to the deeds establishing the Estate and its homes , the Board controls the overall management of the estate; day-to-day administration is carried out by a full time Estate Manager and an assistant.

The Board of Virginia Park Management Company meet regularly (approximately once per month) to review all matters affecting the Estate.  The Board is elected by shareholders and is representative of all parts of the Estate.  Board members are unpaid. The current Board consists of:

Malcolm Calthorpe (Chairman) (Gillespie House resident)

David Arrow (Grange resident)

Laraine Nee (Upper Walk)

Ingvild Engen (Connolly Court)

You may contact the Board via the Contact us page on this site.